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Live at the pace of nature

Hesketh Estate is situated adjacent to a vast, secure, and protected conservation area, therefore the Hesketh way of life is integrated in nature. With 30m of conservancy bordering the estate, it’s difficult not to be inspired by the lush environment on your doorstep. The essence of the surroundings is carried throughout the internal landscape of the estate and forms part of everyday life. This estate boasts one-of-a-kind ‘greenscapes’, urban agriculture, and sustainable elements that have been interwoven to devise a unique ecosystem.

Explore the outdoors

The great outdoors is part and parcel of South Africa’s lifestyle; when the sun is shining, families within Hesketh will enjoy the vast outdoor activities. Not only will there be exclusive facilities like the Clubhouse and pool area, residents will enjoy secure and controlled access to the adjacent 70 hectares of conservancy area that caters for running, walking, cycling and birding. The developers behind Hesketh Estate will be part of a joint management forum that will manage the conservancy area adjacent to the estate

Creating a conservation highway

With nature routed in Hesketh Estate, a conduit of orchards, broad-leaf paper bark trees and various KZN hinterland biomes run through the central area of the estate and has been designed to create a haven for chameleon life. Natural, rugged pathways course through this area to allow residents and visitors to hike and walk through at their leisure.

Surrounded by picturesque views, everyday living will be enhanced with the backdrop of exquisite clusters of trees, rustic hues and various natural textures right on your doorstep.

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