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New Apartments launched at Hesketh.

Following the success of our Phase 1 apartments, Hesketh released new apartments to the market in Phase 2. These are off-plan, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments within our secure Hesketh Estate with all the amenities that the estate has to offer. We’ve had an immense interest to date and we’re expecting an exhilarating race to the finish line.


If you drive past Hesketh Estate, in Hayfields, you will see a hive of activity. Construction is well underway. The estate will have multiple home types from apartments to duplexes to freestanding homes and construction is ongoing as we hit our milestones.

Our first phase Pietermaritzburg apartments, featuring 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units, are fully complete. Those who bought off-plan are now enjoying owning property that has increased in value, surrounded by the beauty of the Hayfields area, with its rolling green hills, and the promise of new development in the air.

Those who bought a 2-bed in the first phase, valued at R825 000 when it first launched will see that it is now selling at R975 000. This is a 17% capital appreciation over 2 years. At the time, owners would have only paid R5 000 deposit and now, following the completion of construction, owners have earned R150 000 in the resale value of their unit. From the launch of our first phase to the launch of our second phase, we are seeing prices soar, appreciating at 8.5% each year.

Hesketh is currently the fastest-selling development in Pietermaritzburg. What does this mean? Our modern apartments KZN are in high demand, which has given us the mandate to meet the market demand in record time. Our first phase apartments in Hayfields were completed in 22 months, which is under the 24-month industry norm.


Hayfields is a prime location where we can see property values increasing year by year. PMB city centre is 10 minutes away, as are local schools and universities. Those working in the area will be able to live comfortably and enjoy the weekend adventures the area offers.

For shopping, there is Liberty Midlands Mall, 20 minutes away. The Midlands meander is 30 minutes down the road, and The Drakensberg Mountains is 1.5 hours away. Not to mention the Maritzburg Golf Club is 400m away.

There is an increasing demand for off plan apartments in Pietermaritzburg, which opens up a profitable rental market for those looking to invest. Within Phase 1, we have units for rent starting from R7 500 per month. The estate is just 2,5km from the University of KZN, PMB campus giving students, a fantastic alternative to the older rentals usually seen in the area. Educators can also benefit from the modern accommodation Hesketh provides to the Hayfields area.


Our second-phase apartments are 2 and 3-bedroom walk-up units that are ideal for families or shared rentals. The location is on the opposite end of the development from the first phase. It will have its own enclosed area with a clubhouse and pool.


  • Private clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Braai areas
  • Kids’ play area

In our modern apartments, you will notice innovative energy-saving features such as the hot and cold water boilers which cuts out the need of a geyser in each unit. The apartments will have balconies, and ground floor units will open out onto your own private patio and garden area with fantastic views of the surroundings.


  • 2-bed, 1-bath from R975 000
  • 2-bed, 2-bath from R1 050 000
  • 3-bed, 2-bath from R1 150 000

You can expect to earn rental income from R10 500 for a 2-bed, 1 bath in year 1, when you choose to invest in Hesketh’s new phase. Rental returns are expected to increase by 6% per annum. After 2 years, we expect to see 8.5% capital appreciation each year, potentially placing the value of your unit R150 000 higher than the initial launch price.


We agree, there’s nothing better than having a pet. They bring so much joy to your home.

It’s not often that you can find a secure apartment complex that is also pet-friendly. Hesketh is ideal for pets. There are walking paths and nature trails that make for fantastic foraging paths for your pets. We encourage you to consult our friendly development consultants to find out about our pet regulations for our new units.


We’re seeing immense interest in our new apartments since launch in November. From the success of the first phase, you will be hard pressed to find a comparable opportunity. The mixed-use nature of the development, along with the revival of the famed Roy Hesketh racetrack will be an incredible addition to the area and is already creating a buzz in the community.


Another in-demand aspect of the Hesketh development is the Lifestyle Centre which we are sure will be your home away from home.

Measured at over 16 000m2, you can shop groceries, clothes, homeware and other necessities. We’re building with a vision of family and convenience in mind. You will be able to access The Lifestyle Centre from secure entryways inside and outside Hesketh estate.

Hesketh Lifestyle Centre will cascade onto a high street where those who visit or live within the estate can access the kid’s play areas, vintage car square, and the Farmer’s Market.

With the addition of these dynamic lifestyle features, our aim is to support local suppliers as much as possible. Afterall, we have incredible produce and dairy farms within the PMB area. There is a range of artisan craftsmen in PB and the Midlands when it comes to local handmade products, food and beverages. In our festival square, you will see local talent shine.

Our new 2 and 3-bedroom units are priced from R975 000 – R1 150 000 at launch prices. Secure yours with only a R10 000 deposit.

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