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Live at the pace of nature

Located in the sought-after Hayfields area within Pietermaritzburg, Hesketh Estate presents a diverse, mixed-used development that will be rooted in nature. Affording you unsurpassed living with a convenient lifestyle, this first-of-its-kind development will deliver a residence that seamlessly blends into the surrounded greenscapes and provide you with an engaged way of living.

Hesketh Estate is integrated with nature to provide family experiences with 30m buffer zones that run around the entire perimeter of the property, you can venture through the dedicated and secure running and cycling trails.

Boasting distinctive a unique landscape, the vast, protected 70-hectare conservancy area is situated adjacent to the development, ready for you to explore green living. Hesketh Estate provides 24-hour access control ensuring your safety into and out of the estate with the joint management forum attending to the management and security of the conservancy area.

Carried into the internal design and landscape of the development, embrace the greenery and essence of the natural surroundings that create the ideal ecosystem throughout the estate. Hesketh Estate’s apartments offer modern, open-plan apartments that let the fresh air in. These apartments provide spacious balconies welcome the outdoors in and give you the option of overlook the lush landscapes.

Take advantage of this unique estate that provides the ideal home for all families. With limited apartments available to purchase in Phase 1, use this time to secure your future home and embrace an integrated community with nature

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